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3 1833 02303 4892 

Gc 977.202 F77mpw 1902-03 
Daughters of the American 
Revolution- Mary Penrose 
Year Book 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


IJMr Bonk 1902-19D3 


I HE Mary P:^nrosk Wayne Chaptkr 
was org^anized April 21, 1901, at the 
residence of Mrs. Frances M. Robert- 
son. Mrs. James M. Fowler, State 
Reg-ent of Indiana, D. A. R., present. 
On the twentieth day of January, 
1902, the Chapter met at the home of 
Mrs. Marian A. Barrett with Mrs. 
Fowler as g-uest of honor. This was 
most fitting, as the Chapter owes its 
existence to her untiring- effort. In 
a few well chosen words Mrs. Fowler 
presented to the Daughters, the 
Charter of the Mary Penrose 
Wayne Chapter. 

'^^iANA COL , p-^ 






Mrs. Marian Anna Barrett 

Recording- Secretary, 

Mrs. Minnik Graves Brown 

Corresponding Secretary, 

Mrs. Mabei/ Wai<ker Sturgeon 


Mrs. Sarah Ei^izabeth Fitch 




Mrs. IvUra KI/Izabeth Wood worth 

^rxrgrEm Ql0mmittB:e 

Mrs. Lura E. Woodworth 
Mrs. Frances M. Robertson 
Dr. Mary Whkry 


October 13 

Colonization of Virginia, 
Mrs. Robertson. 

John Smith, 

Dr. Mary Whkry. 

November 10 

The Dutch and the New Netherlands, 

Mrs. Merritt. 
Hudson and his Discoveries, 

Mrs. Randai,!,. 

December 8 

The Pilg-rims, 

Mrs. Barrett. 
Miles Standish, 

Mrs. AmySkavky. 


January 5 

Witchcraft in the Colonies, 
Mrs. Woodworth. 

Famous Colonial Building-s, 
Mrs. Fitch. 

February 2 

Georg-e Washington, 

Mrs. White. 
Martha Custis, 

Mrs. Fairbank. 

Washington's Birthday 

Committee of Arrangements, 
Mrs. Fairbank. 
Mrs. Granger. 
Mrs. Whitf. 

March 2 

Penn and the Quakers, V3084:6 

Mrs. Thikm]^. 
Slavery in the Colonies, 

Mrs. Grangkr. 

Aprii, 6 

Causes of the Revolution, 
Mrs. Sturgkon. 

Condition of the Colonies before 
the Revolution, 
Mrs. Bash. 

May 4 
Annual Meeting- 

(ElTEptjer ^ixutnv^ 

Mrs. Minnie Graves Brown, - 

Mrs. Marian Anna Barrett, 

Miss Florence Ewing Barrett, 

Mrs Minnie Keel Bash, 

Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Fitch, - 

Mrs. Carolyn Randall Fairbank, 

Miss Clara M. Greer, 

Mrs. IvAUra Woodworth Granger, 

Miss Frances Marion Haberly, 

Mrs. Flora Merritt, - - - . 

Mrs. Frances M. Robertson, 

Mrs. Winifred Randall, 

Mrs. Amy Randall Seavey, 

Mrs. Mabel Walker Sturgeon, 

Mrs. Bessie I^orino Thieme, 

Mrs. Minnie Thompson White. 

Dr. Mary Whery, 

Mrs. lyURA Elizabeth Woodwor ih, 1002 W. Wa3'ne 

Mrs. Evelyn Bond Watt, - - New York Citj" 

Miss Alida Taylor Woodworth, - 904 W. Berry 

Miss Gertrude IvIle Williams, - 999 Harrison 

Miss Blanchk A Williams, - - 999 Harriyon 

Mrs. Louise Wood, 124 E. Washin"rton 

344 W. Berry 

Fairfield. Ave 

Fairfield Ave 

918 W. Berry 

1126 Fairfield Ave 

409 E. Berry 

820 Erie 

904 W. Berry 

- 635 W. Berry 
999 Harrison 

- 635 W. Berry 
Randall Hotel 

923 W. Berry 

Hamilton House 

1026 W. Berry 

514 E. Berry 

321 Madison 




This Society shall be called The Mary Penrose 
Wayne Chapter of the Daughters of the Amer- 
ican Revolution, of Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Ohject of the Society. 

1. To foster a spirit of true patriotism. 

2. To enconrag-e historical research in relation to 
the American Revolution. 

3. To cherish, maintain, and extend the institutions 
of America ; to advocate appropriate celebrations of 
all patriotic anniversaries. 

4. To preserxe the memory of the noble women who 
bore their share in the dangers and privations of the 
war of the Revolution, 



1. Any woman of Indiana, not a member of any 
other Chapter may be eligible for membership who is of 
the age of eighteen years, and who is descended from 
an ancestor who, with unfailing loyalty, rendered ma- 
terial aid to the cause of Independence, as a recognized 
patriot, as a soldier, as a sailor, or as a civil officer in 
one of the several colonies or States, or of the United 
Colonies or States; provided, that the application shall 
be acceptable to the National and I^ocal Societies. 

2. The election of members shall be as follows : 
Applications shall be referred to tbe Local Board of 
management, said Board to consist of the officers of the 
Chapter. Three members of the Board shall constitute a 

quorum. The election must be unanimous— one black 
ball defeating- the election. The details of such ballot 
shall forever be kept secret by each of the Board. 

3. Every application for membership shall be 
passed upon by the I^ocal Board, and if the applicant 
shall be deemed satisfactory and has eligibility estab- 
lished the application shall receive the endorsement of 
the Reg-ent, Secretary, and Registrar, and be for- 
warded to the National Board of Manag-ement for final 



The Officers of this Chapter shall be a Regent, who 
is also a delegate to the Continental Congress of the 
National Society; Vice-Regent, Recording Secretary, 
Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, and 

These Officers shall form the Local Board of Man 
agement. They shall be elected by ballot, by a vote of 
the majority of the members present at the annual 
meeting. No member shall be eligible to the same 
office for more than two years successively. 

Initiation and Dues, 

1. All fees and dues shall be such as the National 
Society has prescribed. 

2. A member who shall remain in arrears for dues 
for three months after notice of her indebtedness has 
been sent her by mail or messenger, may be dropped 
from the rolls by a majority vote of the Local Board of 
Management; but not till after two notices of arrears 
shall have been so sent. 



1. The regular meetings of this Chapter shall be 
held the first Monday of each mouth, beginning with 

October. Special meeting-s may be called at any time 
by the Reg-ent or by the lyocal Board. 

2. The Chapter shall hold its atintial business meet- 
ing" on the first Monday in May. 



This Constitution may be altered or amended by a 
vote of two-thirds of the Chapter present, at a reg-ular 
meeting- of the Chapter, or at a special meeting- called 
for that purpose. Written notice of the proposed alter- 
ation or amendment having- been g-iven ten days prior 
to the meeting-. 



1. The Reg-ent, or in her absence, the Vice-Regfent 
or in their absence, a chairman pro tern, shall preside 
at all raeeting-s. 

2. She shall preserve order and see that the Consti- 
tution and By-Iyaws are enforced. 

3. She shall issue credentials in the form of a 
certificate of election to all Chapter delegates to the 
Continental Congress which shall be signed by herself 
and the Corresponding- Secretary. 


Recording Secretary, 

1. The Recording- Secretary shall keep a record of 
all meetings of the Chapter and of the Local Board of 
Management, and together with the presiding officer 
shall certify to all acts of the Chapter. 

She shall prepare the annual report of the Society, 
a copy of which shall be forwarded to the Secretary- 
General of the National Society, and the State Regent. 

Corresponding Secretary, 

% The Corresponding Secretary shall attend to all 
correspondence of the Chapter and the Local Board of 
Manaprement; distribute all pamphlets, circulars and 
supplies as directed by the Local Board of Manage- 

She shall give due notice of time and place of all 
meetings, notify officers of their elections, and commit- 
tees of their appointment. 

She shall notify the State Regent and Secretary- 
General of the election and appointment of all Chapter 
officers and delegates 

She shall also notify the Reg-istrar-Geiier<ii of the 
resignation or death of any member of the Chapter 



1. The Treasurer shall collect and be custodian of 
all the funds of the Chapter. 

2. She shall pay to the Treasurer-General on or 
before the twenty-second (22nd) day of i ebruary, the 
sum of one dollar ($1.00) for each active member of the 

She shall forward to the Treasurer-General the ini- 
tiation fees. 

3. Out of the funds of the Chapter she shall pay 
such sums as may be ordered by the Chapter, or the 
Irocal Board of Management. 

She shall keep a true account of the receipts and 
payments, and at each annual meeting render the same 
to the Chapter that the lyocal Board may audit her 



The Registrar shall keep a register of the names 
and dates of the elections, resignations, or death of the 
members of the Chapter. 

She shall also have the care and custody of all the 
duplicates of the applications for membership that 
have been approved by the National Council. 


The Historian shall keep a record of all historical 
and commemorative meetings of the Chapter, and shall 
prepare for official publication historical and biograph- 
ical sketches of members of the Society or their 
ancestors, and such other historical papers as the 
Chapter desires. 



U Husbands of members of the Snoict.v of the 
DRJiyhters of the Revolution may participate in the 
social events of the Chapter, and so may the wives of 
the Sons of the American Revolution v^^hen their hus- 
bands are invited. 

2. Any member of the Mary Penrose Wayne Chap- 
ter may invite a member of any other Chapter of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution as a guest to any 
regular meeting of the Chapter, except the Annual 


These By-Laws may be amended at a regular meet- 
ing of the Chapter, two-thirds of the members present 
concurring therein, written notice of the proposed 
amendment having been mailed to each member of the 
Chapter at least five days before the meeting at which 
action on the proposed amendment is to be taken.